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A Simple And Effective Link-Building Strategy

June 13, 2013

Link-building does matter, but you shouldn’t be spending a lot of your high-value time on doing low-level linkbuilding.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit
  2. search like this:
    intitle:”keyword phrase” inurl:”links”
  3. send a custom email to each of these websites and ask them if they would link to you.
  4. find someone (odesk or college student) to do this for you for something like $10/hour.

Do the math.

You can expect around 10%-15% to link to you.

Your assistant can send out at least 100 emails in 8 hours.

So you’ll pay less than $10 for high-quality links. A very good deal 🙂

I learned this from the awesome Neil Patel. If you haven’t, you should subscribe to his newsletter now ->

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