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2013 SEO Panda Proof Action Steps

April 30, 2013

Here’s a step by step action plan to optimize your sits for post panda seo. Click on the image for full size view:

2013 SEO Panda Proof Action Steps

Step 1
Your site must have these pages (preferably linked from EVERY page of your website)
About Us
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Valid author
if multiple authors even better!
Mailing address
email address
phone number
author tags
IF your site is eCommerce site ALSO add:
Shipping information
Warranty information
IF your site is affiliate site, ALSO add:
disclosure of possible compensation
Step 2
Clean up the code of your website
check your site at
not necessary to fix every little error, but the less errors you have the better for your Google quality score (& SERPS)
Step 3
How is the experience of people who visit your website?
important questions
Do they find the content they want?
Do they consume the content (read/watch/listen)?
How deep are they going into your site?
How long do they stay on your site?
bounce rate
See document(s): 1009409
should be less than 55%
site load speed
should be less than 4 seconds
See document(s): fpt
Pages / Visit
See document(s): 1006251
Article post dates or “last update dates” should be recent!
articles that have comments are better than articles that dont have comments
even FAKE comments are better than no comments!
article views, likes & ratings are good!
social media buttons are good!
“recent articles” widget is good
Article author name on every page
place a photo so that is “on the fold” – visitors have to scroll to see the full picture (this trick lowers bounce rate)
add relevant articles to sidebar of each article
Table of contents for individual pages!
use a TOC plugin for wordpress
link to other articles within your site (kind of like wikipedia does)
step 4
have you over-optimized your website?
these things have worked in the past, but hurt your SEO in 2013:
internal seo
keyword stuffing
excessive bolding
excessive kw optimization
external seo
lots of low quality links (forum profiles, blog comments, etc)
use google disavow tool
over optimized links
you should have slight URL variations too (e.g.,,
not enough anchor text variation
you should link deeply! ((link into subpages, not just your homepage))

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