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Do You Know About Joint Ventures?

July 28, 2009
Venturing (Boy Scouts of America)
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Getting connected with folks that will help you in return.

Did you ever meet any one that told you a story or maybe galvanized you to switch your life? Or maybe even put you on a completely new career path? Who we are connected to makes a difference in our lives nearly every day. What they assert is that your revenue is the results of who you hang around with the most. Would it not make a change if one day three or four folk introduced you to three or more others who were all Chairperson’s or millionaires and they not only opened your eyes to the world but further said – you can do it, stop pondering it and do it.

You may find out a £250K each year revenue isn’t a gigantic jump – or at least it is closer than you believe. Joint Venturing could be just the right strategy to get you there. Let me make this clear to you, let us say you have a great product or an idea for a product but not enough customers, just a couple of leads and no money to spend on advertising. Say you being in your house office alone wondering whatever do I do? How does one sell a product with no list, no money, and no credibility – yet – and you must do it with no money and no risk? Easy – you borrow what you do not have – JVs permit you to borrow the databases of clients, to borrow trusted credibility thru reviews and suggestions and borrow the selling automobile.

there’s no cash up front and no risk – that’s why it is so cool to JV. This is a particularly common JV methodology and for most of the people it’s the only 1 they know, that’s too bad because there are a few other JV methodologies that:.

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