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Sales Software Supercharges Superprofits

March 11, 2009
Working time
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Firms that use sales software to control sales pipelines and buyer investigations may be able to close more sales and increase overall profits.

More time expended on sales should naturally mean higher conversion rates as your sales staff are doing what they do well. Most contact management software offers you a method to stay in touch with past purchasers, but sales software offers this part and much more too.

Sales software can let you automate your inventory control and let you investigate your sales figures so you can create sales estimates. By picking up and collecting certain info about your clients, you are also in a position to group them into certain classifications. You could decide to have some grouped together into an ‘inquiry only’ section, others into a ‘ready to buy’ group and others still into a ‘already bought’ group. At the end of the working day, run a communication to show you all clients who are prepared to buy now and get your sales staff to do their sorcery to shut the sale. Most entrepreneurs would stop their reports here, happy with the increased productiveness from their staff. run a fresh report in your sales software to show you all of the ‘inquiry only’ folk who have not become clients yet. While you are running reports, generate a new report from your sales software of purchasers who have recently acquired from you. You may be in a position to recognize a staff member is great at generating leads but not so good at closing the deal.

You can also notice that another staff member can close any deal presented to them, but they try to generate new leads.

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